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Why choose GreptimeDB?

Broad Ecosystem

  • Embraces open-source, compatible with most open standards
  • Compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenTSDB, InfluxDB, Prometheus, etc
  • Allows for fast and easy integration with your current data stack

Hybrid Time-series & Analytical Processing (HTiAP)

  • Supports high-frequency and multi-dimensional read and write
  • Utilizes PromQL for Observability
  • SQL + Python for powerful in-database analysis

Efficient Storage and Compute

  • Provides ultra-low storage cost by object storage and high data compression ratio
  • Features built-in data analysis solution to avoid copying data into external data warehouse

Distributed, Reliable and Highly Available

  • Enables scaling each module easily and independently with the decoupled, cloud-native architecture
  • Ensures data reliability and availability by configurable replicas and auto failover mechanism

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Explore the GreptimeDB user guide to learn how to use GreptimeDB's built-in features and get tutorials, data sets, and more.
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