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Greptime was founded in 2022, dedicated to helping industries that generate a large amount of time-series data, such as Connected Vehicle (CV), IoT, and Observability, to efficiently uncover the hidden value of data in real-time.

GreptimeDB was open-sourced on GitHub in November 2022 and quickly rose to top 1 under GitHub Global Trending for several days. We are committed to creating an open, inclusive, and positive open-source community culture. Contributors from over 10 countries or regions around the world have joined us, and the community is still growing.


The three co-founders are open source adopters and have been maintaining several vibrant open-source projects for nearly a decade. The core technical team comes from top tech companies, with more than ten years of programming and leadership experience. The strong technical background of the team guarantees a stable and seamless performance of the product.

  • xzhuang

    Dennis Zhuang

    Founder & CEO

    • 16 years of experience in software development; previously worked at Taobao, LeanCloud and Ant Group
    • Former technology expert at Alibaba, engaged in messaging middleware, BaaS services, time series storage and large-scale Observability product development
    • Rich practical experience in related technologies
  • nsun

    Ning Sun

    Cofounder & CTO

    • 10+ years of experience in 2B and IoT fields; previously worked at LeanCloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Didi, extensively participated in open-source projects.
    • Accumulated broad experience in time-series data applications in the field of Mobile Monitoring, Connected Vehicle (CV)
  • jcfeng

    Jeremy Feng

    Cofounder & Tech VP

    • Alibaba Tmall and Ant Group technology expert; long engaged in the research and development of middleware and time-series database products
    • Was Responsible for unification of infrastructure monitoring at Ant Group
    • Lead the distributed consensus algorithm implementation -- SOFAJRAFT, with hands-on experience in time-series storage related technologies

At Greptime, efficiency and meticulousness take priority, which is why we adopt a proactive and results-driven approach to problem-solving. We strongly believe that a positive, healthy and supportive working environment is essential for achieving high productivity and job satisfaction. To foster trust and encourage our team members to work towards the same goal, we organize fun team bonding activities regularly.

Greptime is committed to upholding good coding practices, maintaining efficient architecture, and fostering a transparent engineering culture. We are devoted to attaining "excellence" as a company in terms of workplace culture, leadership, values and innovation, and delivering high-quality products that surpass the expectations of our customers.

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