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TSDB on the cloud, fully managed

Out-of-the-box Experience

  • Initiate your cloud service with a single click for instant operation.
  • Begin observing and analyzing your data immediately using the streamlined SQL explorer.
  • Utilize data visualization and alerting tools that are readily available.
  • Gain instant access to built-in database interfaces such as MySQL, Postgres, and more.

Wide Range of Integrations

  • Leveraging the power of GreptimeDB, GreptimeCloud is the scalable Prometheus backend
  • Simple configuration as a Grafana data source
  • Compatible with popular database clients using MySQL/PostgreSQL protocols
  • Provides gRPC SDK and HTTP API for easy integration with your preferred programming language
  • Supports InfluxDB Line Protocol, OpenTelemetry OTLP and more

Simplified Operations

  • Fully managed hosted cloud
  • Continuous upgrades and expanding deployments
  • TLS encryption for all protocols
  • Team-based project management
  • Option to bring your own cloud

Serverless Scalable

  • Best scalability and flexibility in the market
  • Start small, pay for what you need, and scale as your business grows.
  • Separated storage and compute. Backed by object store.
  • Automatically expands without the need to consider CPU/memory capacities

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